Construction Management in Auckland

Construction management is an essential part of all successful building projects. Good management ensures the build is properly planned and scheduled as well as ensuring costs are kept under control. Effective construction management also anticipates and mitigates problems while also finding ways of making the project run more efficiently.


At Your Local Builders, we have extensive experience managing construction projects of various sizes. This includes everything from commercial buildings to multi-property housing developments to single dwellings.


Typically, we provide construction management services as part of our overall building service. In other words, we look after the actual work on-site in addition to managing the process.


That said, you can also hire us purely in a project management role, tapping into our experience and giving you peace of mind that an independent third-party is working to ensure the project gets completed on-time and within budget.


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Our Construction Project Management Expertise

Most of the work that we do involves building and renovating houses where we look after the entire project. This includes helping in the design stages before completing all the building work and, in some cases, even decorating the property so our clients can simply move in.

The projects we work on include:


  • House and villa restoration projects

  • Renovations and extensions

  • Building houses, including houses with unique and architecturally significant designs

  • Building apartment complexes

  • Commercial construction


Therefore, our construction project management experience is extensive.


In terms of the project specifics, we have experience in a range of building situations. This includes:


  • Time-sensitive projects with tight timescales

  • Builds that have certain complexities such ground or access issues

  • Projects that have run into trouble where we are brought in to bring the build back on track

  • Projects with restrictive budgetary requirements

  • And more


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Why Choose Us for Building Project Management?

  • Our team includes highly experienced project managers

  • We use the latest project management and budgeting software

  • You will have access to our project management tools online so you can follow the progress of your build

  • We work with a select group of subcontractors who we know and trust

  • We have a highly reliable network of suppliers

  • Our communication skills are excellent, plus we have effective communication procedures

  • We have excellent problem-solving capabilities for when things don’t go as anticipated

  • Our prices are fair and competitive


Our building project management service is available throughout Auckland. Contact us today to find out more.

Get a Quote for Building Construction Management

The next step in your building project is to contact a member of our team. We can give you any further information you need, and we can answer your questions. Crucially, we’ll find out more about the project you are planning. We can give you advice and we can arrange to send you a quote either for your entire build or for building construction management only.


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